Rare & Pasture Charcuterie

Rare & Pasture is an artisan, organic Charcuterie and Smokery making award-winning smoked and cured meat products.

We follow traditional methods, using organic and Pasture-for-Life certified meat from our own farm and other farms that share our values and care. Read more...

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Welcome to Rare and Pasture’s pure beef frankfurter, an artisan crafted hot smoked sausage of exceptional quality, made from finely chopped pure organic beef and free from artificial additives, emulsifiers or preservatives. Gluten free.

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Cow and Calf in a Field
Our Farm

We want people to enjoy meat that is healthy, high welfare
and truly sustainable.

We farm in a way that has a positive impact on the land and the animals that it sustains, to produce meat of exceptional taste and quality.

Our frankfurters and charcuterie products are made from completely natural, organically-certified ingredients –free from nitrates and other artificial ingredients.

Our Meat

Our meat

We produce beef, lamb, hogget and pork on our farm in South Devon. Our animals are historic and rare breeds and grow slowly and naturally.

We believe in a nose to tail approach, so we use every part of our animals in our cooked/ smoked products.

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