Our Head Charcutier is Graham Waddington. Graham has trained in across Europe and the UK and has been making charcuterie for nearly seventeen years in Britain. His salamis and specialist hams have won national food awards and sold to Michelin-Starred chefs.

Great charcuterie always starts with great meat. The highest quality meat is very often reared and produced in small quantities by specialist farmers who have a passion only for quality and no desire for quantity. Like a seasonal menu, our range changes frequently in accordance with what is ready on the farm and is at its best.

Our pork charcuterie is made from organically-certified Mangalitsa pigs from our own farm, Fowlescombe farm in South Devon. Fowlescombe pigs live happy lives in the woodlands, foraging and picking up plenty of wild plant foods.

Our beef charcuterie is from Highlanders and Black Galloway cattle from the pastures of Downfield Farm in Fife, Scotland, where custodians Bob and Jane Prentice slowly rear their herd on grass, kale and silage.

Charcuterie for connoisseurs

Our beef charcuterie has been aged for a minimum of three months, taking the length and depth of flavour into another league of charcuterie gastronomy.

Our English Longhorn bresaola is made from meat from our own farm at Fowlescombe. It is long on flavour with herbal tones punctuating the sweet meat, and is naturally lean, dense with a tender bite. Our cattle are raised to organic standards and are grass-fed (and Pasture-for-Life certified), making this a sustainable alternative to Parma ham, proudly produced here in Devon.

We also have available Bresaola made from the Galloway breed, aged for a minimum of 18 months to give a lean but rich texture and a flavour profile similar to that of really well aged cheese.

Pork charcuterie

Charcuterie Meats
Fowlescombe Mangalitsa Lonza

Bring joy to a charcuterie board.

Charcuterie Meats
Fowlescombe Mangalitsa Pancetta

Use instead of bacon in many ways, or bring joy to a charcuterie board.

Cow and Calf in a Field
Fowlescombe Mangalitsa Capicola

A very close cousin, in taste, to any long-aged prosciutto ham. Add to any charcuterie platter.

Cow and Calf in a Field
Fowlescombe Mangalitsa Guanciale

A highly sought after charcuterie cut. Stronger flavour than pancetta but can used in similar ways.

Beef charcuterie

Fowlescombe Longhorn Beef Bresaola
Fowlescombe Longhorn Beef Bresaola

Grass fed, organic meat from our own farm. Lean, tender and sweet with long flavour.

Charcuterie Meats
Beef Bresaola – Black Galloway

Add to your charcuterie board, or serve with roquette, olive oil and parmesan.

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