Island Street
Porter Ham

The most beautiful cooked ham

Our Island Street Porter Ham is a cooked ham of the very finest quality. Made with outdoor-reared, pork raised to high standards of animal welfare. Marinated in molasses and Porter beer from our friends and neighbours at Salcombe Brewery.

Made in Black Ham tradition, as previous generations of curers would have done. Available in our Shop either sliced in 100g packs or as whole pieces, typically 1.2kg – 1.4kg

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Of course, it all starts with the meat. Our ham is made from collar of pork – sometimes also called the shoulder. Collar ham is more unusual these days, and most hams come from the leg. The collar is a much underrated cut. We prefer it for its intense, deep flavour and well developed marbling.

Then the Porter. We marinade our hams for four days in Island Street Porter, an award-winning rich and velvety porter made by Salcombe Brewery. They use a blend of eight malts to produce hints of dark chocolate, coffee and black cherry, which when combined with British hops creates an aroma reminiscent of Black Forest gateaux. This gives the ham its wonderful bitter-sweet taste.

Finally the smoking. We do all our smoking naturally, letting our hams hot smoke and gently roast until they are just tender.

These come together create a top class ham with amazing texture and flavour

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