The R & P Frankfurter.

Free smile with every bite.

Why we love them

Often considered a guilty pleasure, we wanted to produce a smoked sausage that people could enjoy without any nasties – something that is quick to cook and suitable for many different occasions from parties and BBQs, to a quick after school meal for busy parents. No nitrates, nitrites, or other artificial additives. Just extremely good beef and plant-based botanical preservatives.

Comes in two sizes – Regular (40g) and Banging (80g) Buy Here

Our frankfurters are also a perfect option for pubs and restaurants, and for larger parties and weddings – a gourmet meal made from top quality ingredients, but also pre-cooked and quick to prepare.
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What makes them gourmet

Rare & Pasture frankfurters taste superior to other hot dog style sausages.

  • Exceptional quality for health and enjoyment –120g of beef shoulder in 100g of sausage
  • Free from artificial ingredients - no nitrates or other E numbers, no fillers
  • Organically certified
  • Exceptional taste, juicy with great bite
  • Long shelf-life and easy to cook – convenient in the fridge
  • Pre-cooked, so a great choice for pubs and restaurants
  • High animal welfare and environmental care

How we make them

Rare and Pasture frankfurters taste superior to other hot dog-style sausages, and that’s because we’re purists when it comes to crafting them.

Under the guidance of our expert [master] charcutier, we finely chop our organic British beef to give each frankfurter its classic smooth texture. We then lightly season it with natural organic herbs and spices and put it into natural sausage casings. Then we smoke the sausages gently over beech and apple wood, the traditional way, to cook them and give a delicate, well-rounded flavour. The result is a truly delicious and juicy artisan sausage, made in the traditional way, and free from artificial preservatives, flavourings, and nitrates.

Our frankfurters are quick and easy to prepare, so sit back and relax in the knowledge that you’re eating fantastically good fast food that’s completely natural.

To prepare

It’s easy. Put about half a centimetre of water and a knob of butter into a frying pan and place on medium heat. Add the frankfurter to the pan and cook for about six minutes until heated through, turning occasionally. Don’t let the water dry out. Alternatively, cover your frankfurter with a paper towel and heat on medium in a microwave, allowing 40 to 50 seconds for each sausage. Or prick the packet, place it in microwave and heat for 3 minutes to 3 minutes 30 seconds.

To serve

Place your Original pure Beef frankfurter into a brioche-style roll, add lightly cooked onions and tomato ketchup, then slather with whichever condiments get you salivating. We love Tracklements Strong horseradish cream, Smoky chilli sauce, and Sweet mustard ketchup. Also try black garlic or mushroom ketchup. Turn it into an instant meal by beefing it up with homemade slaw, pickled vegetables or leaves. Share the joy with friends and family.

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