Fowlescombe farm

Rare & Pasture charcuterie is made in a former grain barn at Fowlescombe Farm, located between the foothills of Dartmouth and the South Devon coast. Much of the meat used in our products is from animals raised on the farm.

Fowlescombe Farm uses regenerative farming methods and is certified as Organic and Pasture-for-Life. The cattle and sheep eat grass from the farm and are never fed any cereals or soy, while the pigs are fed a soy-free diet of legumes, oats and grasses.

Our animals are historic and rare breeds and grow slowly and naturally, producing meat of exceptional quality. By fertilising the land as they graze, the animals play a core role in the farm’s regenerative farming system which seeks to reduce carbon emissions. More about our Philosophy

We believe in a nose to tail approach, so we use every part of our animals in our cooked, smoked and cured products.

Visit our farm website at www.fowlescombe.com

Our Animals

Fowlescombe Longhorn AND SHORTHORN Beef – Organic and Pasture-For-Life certified

We raise pedigree English Longhorn cattle, the oldest British beef breed, and pedigree Beef Shorthorn cattle. Both are tranquil, slow-growing breeds that produce tender, well-marbled beef.

Our cattle feed entirely on pasture, with no cereal or soya supplements, giving higher vitamin and mineral levels and more healthy Omega-3 fats.

Tamworth and Berkshire pork

We raise a small number of pigs in our fields and woodland, where they root and forage in the undergrowth.

We move the pigs and their shelters to different parts of the farm periodically to access fresh roots and to allow the forest floor can regenerate. The quality of this pork makes truly outstanding charcuterie.

Manx Loaghtan Hogget - Organic and Pasture-For-Life certified

We have the UK’s largest flock of Manx Loaghtan sheep. This ancient and extremely rare breed grows slowly, so is normally sold as hogget.

The small size of these animals, their meat/fat ratio and their age combine to give excellent eating quality –not too fatty but still providing great depth of flavour.

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