Introducing Rare & Pasture Charcuterie Made by hand using traditional methods and natural ingredients

Our products are made using high-welfare meat from Fowlescombe Farm and other organically-certified farms in the South West, as well as a few other hand-picked partner farms.

By using traditional methods and natural ingredients, and avoiding artificial additives, preservatives or emulsifiers, we allow the texture and flavour of our meat to shine through.

Our Products

Black Foot Charcuterie

A collaboration between Rare & Pasture and Michelin-Starred Chef Brett Graham.

Air-Dried ham, Lonza, Capicola, Salami and ‘Nduja, all made from Brett’s own Iberian pigs raised on a soy-free diet here in the UK.

Low in Nitrite. High in natural flavour.

Other air-dried meats

Organic Bresaola made with beef from Longhorn and Shorthorn cattle raised at our home at Fowlescombe Farm in Devon. Pasture-for-Life certified.

A melt-in-the-mouth product with superb length and depth of flavour.


Made with meat from the bone (cut not too fine, not too chunky) and the best herbs, then hung to mature for at least a month to develop their flavours and achieve a firm but yielding, consistent bite.

Choose between Organic Pork and Fennel, Organic Beef and Smoked Garlic or Black Foot

Organic Cooking Chorizo

An organic cooking chorizo made with fresh chillies.

Spanish in style, favoured with paprika and fresh chillies and naturally smoked over beech and applewood for great depth of flavour.

An award winner at the Soil Association’s 2023 Boom Awards.

Organic Frankfurters

Award-winning frankfurters with exceptional taste, juicy with great bite. Fantastically good fast food that’s completely natural.

Includes the R & P Original beef frankfurter, the R & P Curryfurter and the R & P Porkfurter. All organically-certified and Gluten Free.

R & P Saveloy

A great British Classic re-invented as a gourmet sausage with superb, wholesome ingredients. No fillers, emulsifiers or preservatives – just beautiful free-range pork and grass-fed beef, real spices and delicious flavour.

Retro food just got even better!

Ham, Paté, Potted Beef

Our top quality organic ham, paté and potted beef make the perfect lunch, starter or picnic.

Made from organic meat carefully chosen for sublime texture and flavour. Prepared slowly using traditional methods.

Pulled Pork

High-welfare pork free from artificial additives. Marinated with our secret blends of spices for two to three days, smoked gently over beech and applewood, then cooked slowly for 11 hours.

Throw into a bun or taco with slaw, pickles and BBQ sauce or use has a topping for our frankfurters.

We slow-cook so you don’t have to!

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