Rare & Pasture was founded in March 2020 with the aim of producing the finest charcuterie and smoked meat products from the exceptional produce of Fowlescombe Farm, our regenerative and organic farm in South Devon.

Andrew and Alex, who own Fowlescombe Farm, are both lifelong food lovers. Believing that great food starts with great farming, they set the Rare & Pasture mission to produce trusted and ethical meat products that are not just tastier and healthier to eat but also better for the planet.

To do this we prioritise animal welfare, soil health and nature when producing our ingredients. More at Philosophy

We started out making our products in Monmouthshire while we converted an old grain barn at Fowlescombe into a brand new charcuterie facility. The conversion was finished in March 2022 and we’ve been producing air dried and matured charcuterie and smoked meat products on the farm ever since.

Our charcuterie barn has all the state of the art facilities needed to achieve the very highest product quality and consistency, but we still make our products using traditional, hand-crafted methods. Our passion is making ‘clean’ meat products, avoiding artificial preservatives wherever possible. We have become famous for our gourmet frankfurter-style sausages made from finely chopped organic British beef or pork (absolutely nothing artificial) and for our organic salamis and sliced charcuterie products.

In 2023 we expanded our offering further with a collaboration with Michelin-Starred Chef Brett Graham (of the Three Michelin-starred Ledbury restaurant in London) to develop our Black Foot charcuterie range. For this we use pork from Iberian pigs reared outdoors by Brett at his UK farm, always on a soy-free diet, and we mature it to create some truly outstanding products.

Since we began, we’ve been seeking out other like-minded and skilled charcuterie companies so that together we can broaden our joint offer and pool our skills. Most recently, we announced our merger with Tempus Foods based at Weybridge in April 2024. Read our press release here.

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