Our story

Our business is a partnership between Graham and Ruth Waddington, formerly of Native Breeds Charcuterie, and the Owens family, who own Fowlescombe farm in South Devon.

Graham and Ruth’s story starts in 2003 when they decided to keep a couple of pigs on a rough piece of ground near their home, and began making sausages and bacon to sell to neighbours and friends. Graham spent time developing his craft in Sardinia, Spain and Germany, then set up a charcuterie business in 2010 with his wife Ruth. Their original business, Native Breeds Charcuterie, was bought by Fowlescombe Rare & Pasture in 2020.

Alex and Andrew Owens took over Fowlescombe farm in January 2019, an organic farm using wildlife-friendly farming methods. Together with farm manager Rosie Ball, they have built up a herd of around 100 English Longhorn cattle, entirely grass-fed and now Pasture for Life-certified, and have also brought a small number of Tamworth and Mangalitsa pigs to live in the woodland.

We are now using the meat from Fowlescombe farm in our Rare & Pasture products. Our products are clean, natural and nutritious and are made in a way that protects the quality of this amazing meat.

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