We want people to enjoy meat that is healthy and truly sustainable.

In response to all the legitimate questions being asked of the meat industry, our ethos is to use meat that has been grown using sustainable and wildlife-friendly farming methods. Organic grass-fed beef is at the forefront of our products.

Most of our meat comes from our own farm, Fowlescombe Farm, where we raise organic, rare and native breed animals using regenerative farming methods and no chemical fertilisers. Fowlescombe is also Pasture-for-Life certified, meaning that the cattle and sheep eat only grass and are never fed any grain or soy. Our pigs eat a soy-free diet of legumes, grains and grass.

We also work with other farmers who adopt similar standards, so by buying our products you support a movement towards lower intensity and regenerative farming.

The role of Regenerative Farming in the Climate Emergency

Regenerative farming works to build soil health and fertility for the long term. It builds up organic matter in and above the soil, removing carbon from the atmosphere and storing it in the form of living organisms.

Together, these farming practices bring significant climate change benefits. Carbon is stored or sequested in the form of:

  • Deeper plant roots
  • More living organisms in the soil (bacteria, fungi, earthworms, insects etc)
  • More biomass above the soil, with increased habitat for wildlife and greater biodiversity

Creating healthier soils through regenerative farming also means the land better able to hold and filter water, mitigating flood and drought risk.

At our own farm at Fowlescombe, we use regenerative farming techniques to nurture the delicate balance of ecosystems within the farm and create healthier soils which can sequest more carbon. The animals on the farm play a core role, creating diverse habitats as they graze and leaving behind dung which feeds the soil and supports insects which in turn feed bats and birds.

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