We want people to enjoy meat that is healthy and truly sustainable.

In response to all the legitimate questions being asked of the meat industry, our ethos is to use meat that has been grown using sustainable and wildlife-friendly farming methods. Organic grass fed beef is at the forefront of our products.

Most of our meat comes from our own farm, Fowlescombe Farm, where we raise organic, grass-fed rare and native breed animals using regenerative farming methods. We also work with other farmers who adopt similar standards, so by buying our products you support a movement towards low intensity, regenerative farming. One such farmer is David Wilson who has reared Native Breed beef and lamb on organic clover leys at Duchy Home Farm in the Cotswolds for over twenty five years.

Here’s the approach we adopt on our own farm at Fowlescombe

Happy Animals

  • 100% grass-fed cattle and sheep with no grain supplements, to allow for slow, natural growth.
  • A stimulating environment for our animals:
    • Pigs living in small groups in the woods, free to root in the undergrowth 24/7
    • Cattle grazing in multi-generational groups with access to streams, reed-banks and trees, and eating a varied diet of different pastures and mineral-rich herbal leys
    • Sheep grazing the valleys and browsing the hedgerows
  • Cattle kept outdoors for the majority of the year. They spend as little time as possible in our spacious barns and only come indoors when the land starts to churn underfoot in the wet months.

Healthy Land

  • Grasses and herbal leys are fertilised by grazing animals, giving healthy soil, building organic matter and sequesting carbon
  • No pesticides or artificial fertilisers - organically certified
  • Pigs rooting in the woodland turn over the soil, disturbing dominant plants and allowing wild flowers and young plants to germinate
  • Traditionally managed hedgerows provide habitat corridors for wildlife
  • Herbal leys hold carbon and nitrogen in the soil naturally and improve soil structure
  • Bee colonies encourage pollination (buy the honey at
  • Habitat for owls and bats

Healthy meat

In our Pasture-for-Life certified meat:

  • Lower total fat levels, lower saturated fat and higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids than grain-fed animals.
  • Higher levels of vitamin A and E and minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium than grain-fed animals

In our cooked and smoked products:

  • Organically-certified
  • Made from completely natural ingredients - free from artificial preservatives, flavour enhancers, nitrates and fillers.

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