We slow-cook,
so you don’t have to.

Welcome to our range of Organic Shredded and Pulled Meats.

We all love an instant meal of succulent shredded beef or lamb, or some pulled pork. Throw into a bun or taco with slaw, pickles and BBQ sauce, go dirty by adding as a topping to one of our amazing frankfurters, use as an ingredient in a ragu or tagine, or just serve on its own with salad.

But our pulled meats are different. For a start, we only use meat from organic or native breed animals, much of it from our own farm where animals are slow-reared to the highest welfare standards. Then, we marinate the meat with our secret blend of spices for two to three days before hot smoking it gently over apple and beech wood and cooking it slowly.

Cooking time is eight hours for our beef and lamb and eleven hours for our pulled pork.

Free from artificial additives · Gluten free · Keto

Our shredded and pulled meats are all beautifully seasoned and all the meaty flavours have been retained. These products will help you add flavour, save time and prepare delicious meals for friends and family.

They are versatile ingredient with a minimum ten day shelf-life – convenient to have in the fridge, pre-cooked and ready to use. Suitable for freezing.

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