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Rare & Pasture products are made from the highest quality ingredients using traditional methods, free of artificial additives and fillers. Much our meat comes from our own farm, Fowlescombe Farm in Devon. Proper food your customers will love.

Our products are available to business customers either in their standard retail packaging, suitable for re-sale in your shop, or in larger packs designed for the hospitality sector.

Give Jim a call on 01752 428 660, or email to discuss how we might supply you with our core products or with a bespoke range.

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Our product range

R & P Frankfurters

Our signature product range.

R & P frankfurters come in a range of flavours. We’ve smoked and cooked them, so you just need to warm them through before serving.

Perfect for outdoor eating – and great topped with our shredded meats.

Oi Oi Saveloy

We’ve remembered the great chip shop classic!

Now re-invented as a gourmet sausage with wholesome ingredients - just beautiful free-range pork and grass-fed meat, real spices and delicious flavour. No fillers, emulsifiers or preservatives here.

Shredded and Pulled meats

The perfect topping for pizzas, burgers or frankfurters and also great in gourmet sandwiches or wraps. Go Dirty!

Made using meat from organic or native breed animals. Marinated for two to three days, hot-smoked and then slow-cooked for 8-11 hours. Amazing depth of flavor.

Charcuterie products

Our specialist charcuterie products have won national awards and are eaten in Michelin-Starred restaurants.

Produced using the highest quality meat from our own farm and from other specialist farmers.

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